Boesner art supplies haul ♥ [+ raffle!!]

Welcome back my HoneyBunnies ♥

Thank you so much for your patience with me ^_^
Vacations were great, but when I went back there were SOOO much to do at work. So I came home really late and didn’t have the time to blog :( So sorry!

haul_prevRecently, I’m working hard on new stuff for you and the next big convention!
But today… I want to show you what I bought at Boesner’s. Boesner is an European shop for art supplies. We have a shop in Nürnberg. I really like Boesner because they have (almost) EVERYTHING I can imagine ♥
(For the information about the raffle , please look at the end of the article. ^_^)

Actually I only wanted to buy new ink because I bought new nibs by Deleter (THEY ARE SO AWESOME! ♥), but I ended up buying too much other things… hehe :D

[GER] Art-Blogger & Vorstellungs-Tag

Hallöchen meine lieben HoneyBunnies ♥

Dieses Mal also wieder auf Deutsch! (hihi, aber nur für diese Kategorie ;-))

Die neue Ecke “Art-Blogger”

Was ist denn dieses “Art-Blogger”?
dummesmaedchen hat darüber schon einen schönen Eintrag verfasst, und ich möchte es nur hier für euch kurz zusammenfassen:
“Art-Blogger” ist eine (bisher noch kleinere) Gruppe auf Facebook, die für alle bloggenden Künstler offen ist. Wir möchten uns ein wenig mehr um unseren geliebten Schatz, den Art-Blog, kümmern und mit tollen gemeinsamen Aktionen die Leserschaft begeistern. ♥
Im Gegensatz zum Trend der schnelllebigen Socialmedia-Seiten, die für Künstler mit kleinerer Leserschaft nicht immer optimal sind, wollen wir ein kleines Zeichen setzen, wie sehr doch Bloggen Spaß machen kann!

Art Blogger_web

Wer ist dabei?
Bisher haben sich schon einige fleiße Blogger zu uns gesellt. Wer dabei ist könnt ihr auf den obigen Banner sehen, oder schaut mal bei unsere Gruppe vorbei ^_^

Wer hat schon gebloggt?

dummesmaedchen ♥ Avilia Elairen ♥ Nuriya ♥ Du auch?!

Und nun… Die erste kleine Aufgabe unserer Gruppe: Der Vorstellungs-Tag

Sketching is the key!

Hello dear HoneyBunnies ♥

Today I proudly show you the (long waiting) contest prizes for Bluemoon-Chan and Dragonfly (from They both were winners of my Colour Me! contest last year.
I wasn’t able to finish the sketches the last months, but this day time was there! *laugh*

Sometimes I really want to kick myself because I promise so much and then have to let people wait because my freetime is a way too limited! Well, the good thing is: no one ever DIDN’T get his promised drawing. I really want to give my best, but with much waiting time… I’m so sorry guys >.<

But here now the two sketches ♥

It’s summer time!

Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥

Recently, it is kinda warm-cold-something and rainy in Germany. So why don’t turn of the summer heat here on Norchens-Welt a little bit? :-)

First of all I finally finished my ‘Norchen x Hasi: Happy summer’ drawing for this year. Maybe I will find the time to draw a second one ^_^ We will see~

So here take a look at the new drawing ♥


ACEO Time! #134 – She is my Girl!

Hello little HoneyBunnies ♥

It was a nice LONG weekend because of Whitsun. But what did I do… I almost just chill all the days and enjoy the time at ‘Bergkirchweih’ in Erlangen ^_^

But I finished some little pieces of work.

#134 – She is my Girl!
134 - she_is_my_girl [prize for Ella]

This little cute ACEO card is for Ella from
She won one prize of my Christmas Contest 2013 ^_^
I drew her two cuties Cream and Brownie, two cute little sheep.
Just check out the comics of them: click ♥
I hope she will like this little card >///<

See you soon ♥