Watercolour Walkthrough with Norchen and Hasi

Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥

Today I want to give you a short overview and walkthrough about my watercolouring progress with me amy process of my latest work ♥

Actually I wanted to create a tutorial for such a long time, but I think I with my skills I can’t create a “real” tutorial. I just learned my skills all from self-teaching and watching other experts works (Arina Tanemura, Yoko Maki, some great deviantart users and so on…)I only want to show you how I work to give you some tipps and maybe an inspiration, too.

So have fun and let me know if you like this walkthrough and maybe it helped you! ♥ It would make me so happy to know emojo-love
You can also like or comment my all-in-all version on Deviantart: http://fav.me/d6ragrr

LET’S GO pixel___cherrybun_bunny_div_by_firstfear-d4m1szw
Create a nice looking drawing! ♥

New ACEOs (#108-#110)

Good evening my little HoneyBunnies ♥

This day I finally upload some new little cards ^.^

# 108 – My Vamp
108 - My Vamp [Auftrag für Sandra]

This is my version of the Sandra’s OCs ♥
I hope they both come out kinda sexy and mysterious.

#109 – Let’s Play
109 - Let's Play [Auftrag Anna]

This card is a special wish by Anna ♥ She wanted me to draw a nice girl in gamer pose ^.^ I think it looks kinda dynamic. What do you think?

#110 – Plans for the Night
110 - Plans for the Night [Auftrag Mona]

A mysterious night? These two would definitely know about it :3
This card is for Tikichan ♥ I hope she like my version of her OCs >.<

Have a good time ♥ See ya next time!

[ToZ] Hanami Girls ♥

Hey my little HoneyBunnies ♥

Here I finally show you an kinda “old” work. I drew one of the first female characters of my webcomic Tales of Z-Town : Norchen (front), princess Vera (left) and Susay (right).
It is the the first drawing I drew in my sketch book only for aquarelle ♥ I bought it at Boesner! What a wonderfull shop in Nuremberg! ♥

11_hanami_ToZ_webAnd here some nice WIPs ♥