Happy Spring Season GIVE AWAY [until 27th April !]


Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥


This is my Happy Spring Season GIVE AWAY for all of my lovely readers ♥
You can get this original cute little ACEO card! Just follow the rules below ^_^

What do you have to do to win the ACEO?
Comment down below
what do you expect in the future from norchens-welt.de?
I’m so curious to read your comments ♥
The winner will be chosen among all commenters.

Enter until: 27th April, 11:59 p.m. (CET)

Please don’t forget to enter this raffle with a valid email address!
I will contact the winner on 28th April through email.

Good luck my Bunnies ♥



ACEO en masse (#111-#113)

Hey ho my little HoneyBunnies ♥

Today another overview about the latest ACEO cards ♥

111 – Under the Water
111 - Under the Water

112 – Limalein
112 - Limalein [Gewinn Limalein]
This little card is the first prize of GermanShoujoArtist’s Spring Event.
The lovely and sweet Limalein got it. I was able to get to know her in real and she is such a cute person ♥ Limalein wanted me to draw her in Chibi mode and I decide to do it cute ;D I hope she don’t dislike pink…

113 – Devil Twins
113 - Devil Twins [Tausch -Mia]

This card is for  a trade with Mia- ♥ I will get this great ACEO *^*
she wanted me to draw the Vocaloid twins in some special way (“Daughter of Evil”) I don’t know much about the Vocloid family so I hope I did it well T_T
(I used this reference: http://www.hellocosplay.com/vocaloid-2-cosplay-kagamine-rin-dress-daughter-of-evil-p-2967.html)

And at the end…
This is waiting for me…