ACEO #132 & #133

Hello dear HoneyBunnies ♥

I spend a way too much NOT in front of my PC *laugh*
Because of work and social life outside I wasn’t able to update my blog *sigh*
(I have a lots of stuff to blog, but… time… orz)

Before I will say ‘hello’ to vacation time over the weekend I will show you some new ACEOs this week ♥


#132 – Party Night (for Lubov)
132 - Party Night [Gewinn fuer Lubov]
This card is the winner’s prize for the winner of my Colour Me! Contest last year.
Lubov wanted me to draw her nice OC ‘Moe’. I REALLY LOVE THE DESIGN!
And it is such a pleasure to me, that I can use one of her nice OCs for my webcomic ‘Tales of Z-Town’ ♥

#133 – Fruits Queen
133 - Fruits Queen [Tausch_mit_--Cara--]
This card is for the trade with --Cara– ♥ She wanted me to draw a Pin-up Girl. Main theme was ‘something like fruits’ ;-) I had really fun to draw the hair ♥

I’m sorry for only spamming my blog with ACEOs… but I have some art works to finish on my vacation ^_^ So please be patient! I will add some step-by-step next time!


ACEO en masse (#111-#113)

Hey ho my little HoneyBunnies ♥

Today another overview about the latest ACEO cards ♥

111 – Under the Water
111 - Under the Water

112 – Limalein
112 - Limalein [Gewinn Limalein]
This little card is the first prize of GermanShoujoArtist’s Spring Event.
The lovely and sweet Limalein got it. I was able to get to know her in real and she is such a cute person ♥ Limalein wanted me to draw her in Chibi mode and I decide to do it cute ;D I hope she don’t dislike pink…

113 – Devil Twins
113 - Devil Twins [Tausch -Mia]

This card is for  a trade with Mia- ♥ I will get this great ACEO *^*
she wanted me to draw the Vocaloid twins in some special way (“Daughter of Evil”) I don’t know much about the Vocloid family so I hope I did it well T_T
(I used this reference:

And at the end…
This is waiting for me…


Art Trades ♥

Hey :D

These are my parts of the Art Trades (AT) for Aiseiri and KinomoriRoxanne from Deviantart! Well, I think both drawings are that good ;___; I hope they nevertheless will like them ♥

For Aiseiri ♥

This is her cute OC Mal ♥ (If you want to look the original look:
I try to create a good looking teen-version ♥
Her part of the AT for me is also sooo cute:


For KinomoriRoxanne ♥


This is her cute OC Roxy ♥ She looks little too adult, doesn’t she? xD
But it was fun to draw ♥

Her part you can see here: LINK ♥ 


It took so much time to finish this >.<
For the next time I will do nothing but my own work ♥

XoXo Norchen ♥