New ACEOs ♥

Finally I finished some more things of my ToDo-List ♥
Here are 3 of them:

058 – Grapefruit

This is one ACEO for PaperyStar ♥ It is her OC Grapefruit
PaperyStar is soo cute *_* and of course totally patient!
Actually her part is already finished, but she want to make a new one ;///;
This is too much for me ~ (-///-) I think I will give her some special surprise ♥

059 – Fight the Evil

This one is for Pfingstrose
I get this lovely card (#10) –> [link]
Oh, I cant wait to hold it in my hands *__*
And the best!!! She want to draw Norchen ♥
So I’m so excited ~(//////) *blush*

060 – Moon Lady

And this lovely one is for Naliandra
OMG! She wanted to drawn me an incarnate Moon.
So I draw this Moon Lady ♥ She lighten up Earth *///*
And now guess what for a wonderfull card I will get!!!
I hope my part will measure up to her one ;////;

Ahh… I’m such a lucky one to be able to exchange such lovely drawings ♥

And I thin know I fall asleep… zzz(-w- )

Sleep tight everyone ♥

Norchen ♥

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