It’s summer time!

Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥

Recently, it is kinda warm-cold-something and rainy in Germany. So why don’t turn of the summer heat here on Norchens-Welt a little bit? :-)

First of all I finally finished my ‘Norchen x Hasi: Happy summer’ drawing for this year. Maybe I will find the time to draw a second one ^_^ We will see~

So here take a look at the new drawing ♥


Comic: Norchen’s REAL motivation

Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥

So sorry! I wanted to upload everything a little bit earlier, but I got a stomach bug and could only stay in bed… orz

Before I will talk about the daily routine of the last weeks dieting I want to show you “Norchen’s REAL motivation” for the diet ;-)

Enjoy ♥

Diet anyone?


Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥

This will be a very personal part of my blog. So if you expect any drawing themed content or nice and cute pictures you should probably switch to one of my older posts. ;-)

What I want to blog about?
Basically I want to motivate myself to lose weight. I want to share my daily routines of fighting against my own lazyness and just write down my feelings, fears and what I eated. It shall help me to overview the current situation and just simple… motivate me ♥

ACEO Time! #134 – She is my Girl!

Hello little HoneyBunnies ♥

It was a nice LONG weekend because of Whitsun. But what did I do… I almost just chill all the days and enjoy the time at ‘Bergkirchweih’ in Erlangen ^_^

But I finished some little pieces of work.

#134 – She is my Girl!
134 - she_is_my_girl [prize for Ella]

This little cute ACEO card is for Ella from
She won one prize of my Christmas Contest 2013 ^_^
I drew her two cuties Cream and Brownie, two cute little sheep.
Just check out the comics of them: click ♥
I hope she will like this little card >///<

See you soon ♥

Love Reading! 05: Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy (Eng)

‘Endlich wieder mal einen Schnulzen-Roman! Endlich mal anfangen ein Buch auf Englisch zu lesen!’ Das dachte ich mir jedenfalls, als ich die Möglichkeit bekam das neue Buch von Helen Fielding über Bridget Jones für euch durchzustöbern! ♥
Ich muss dazu sagen, dass ich die beiden Teile vorher nicht gelesen habe und auch die Paralellen zu Jane Austen nicht wirklich erkenne bzw. verstehe, da mir da auch der Lesestoff fehlt. Ich habe mich jedoch trotzdem ins (englische) Abenteuer gewagt und werde euch nun von meinen Beobachtungen über den (wohl) dritten Lebensabschnitt der Kultfigur Bridget Jones mitteilen…