New YT channel + ACEO #137

Hello my lovely little HoneyBunnies ♥

How are you doing? ^_^

Finally I can upload something new! ♥
This little card is the start of my new Youtube channel! *YEAH*
If you want to see some speed paint videos or vlogs in the next time I recommend subscribing my channel :3 –> Norchen’s YT ♥

My first video ♥

I will try to do more videos for you in the next months ^_^
So… I hope you’ll like it! Let me know ♥


Express Christmas Contest

Für die deutsche Beschreibung siehe weiter unten…


Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥
Sorry, that I couldn’t prepare a real Advent Calendar, but I want to brighten up the Christmas time for you ^_^

So here the first task…35_norchen_winter_christmas

Your task…
Draw a little fanart of Norchen and Hasi (reference) in nice Christmas clothes ♥
Time until… 24th of December!
Send an email to norchenswelt[at] with your fanart. The best drawing will win something nicy surprisy ♥
The prize…
A special suprise package with alots of Norchen merchandise ♥ AND one maxi ACEO with your wish motif!

GOOD LUCK! I hope that you all want to take part ^_^
For question just write an comment here or email.

Ein bisschen knapp, aber vielleicht doch eine schöne Idee ^_^
Hier kommt die Aufgabe:
Zeichnet ein Weihnachts-Fanart von Norchen und Hasi! (Referenz)
Zeit habt ihr bis… 24. Dezember
Sendet einfach eine E-Mail mit eurem Fanart an norchenswelt[at]
Das beste Bild gewinnt ein tolles Überraschungspaket mir vielem Norchen Merchandise und eine Maxi-KAKAO!

Ich werde mir vorbehalten auch einige “Trostpreise” zu verteilen ^_^

VIEL GLÜCK! Ich hoffe, ihr habt Lust und macht zahlreich mit ♥

Eurer Norchen ♥

ACEO en masse (#111-#113)

Hey ho my little HoneyBunnies ♥

Today another overview about the latest ACEO cards ♥

111 – Under the Water
111 - Under the Water

112 – Limalein
112 - Limalein [Gewinn Limalein]
This little card is the first prize of GermanShoujoArtist’s Spring Event.
The lovely and sweet Limalein got it. I was able to get to know her in real and she is such a cute person ♥ Limalein wanted me to draw her in Chibi mode and I decide to do it cute ;D I hope she don’t dislike pink…

113 – Devil Twins
113 - Devil Twins [Tausch -Mia]

This card is for  a trade with Mia- ♥ I will get this great ACEO *^*
she wanted me to draw the Vocaloid twins in some special way (“Daughter of Evil”) I don’t know much about the Vocloid family so I hope I did it well T_T
(I used this reference:

And at the end…
This is waiting for me…


New ACEOs (#108-#110)

Good evening my little HoneyBunnies ♥

This day I finally upload some new little cards ^.^

# 108 – My Vamp
108 - My Vamp [Auftrag für Sandra]

This is my version of the Sandra’s OCs ♥
I hope they both come out kinda sexy and mysterious.

#109 – Let’s Play
109 - Let's Play [Auftrag Anna]

This card is a special wish by Anna ♥ She wanted me to draw a nice girl in gamer pose ^.^ I think it looks kinda dynamic. What do you think?

#110 – Plans for the Night
110 - Plans for the Night [Auftrag Mona]

A mysterious night? These two would definitely know about it :3
This card is for Tikichan ♥ I hope she like my version of her OCs >.<

Have a good time ♥ See ya next time!

[ACEO] Rose Series

Hey ho Honeybunnies ♥

Today I could finally show you my first ACEO series ♥
It had all started with the 7th Junkday and the special “Rose Black” card. I decided to draw three more Roses: Blonde, Red and Brown. AND I finally reached the 100th card ♥ I really can’t believe that I already draw 100 little ACEO cards ^.^

And now show time … ♥