Türchen 14 ♥ [Norchens-Welt Adventskalender 2012]

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Heute gibt es nach langer Zeit mal wieder ein Today’s Choice ♥ verpackt als Türchen ^.^

Vielleicht mag nicht jeder diese Musik, aber ich möchte euch dennoch zeigen, was ich in letzter Zeit so alles sehr gerne gehört habe ^.^
Was habt ihr so dieses Jahr gerne gehört? ♥

Some nice song I love to listen to this year ^.^ Maybe you don’t like some (or all?) of them, but I wanted to show you what was the best for me this year ^.^
What did you love to listen to this year?

How to cheer Norchen up…

[Saxon Version ♥] Hau doh schier ä Norschn ab… xD
(Fabulous idea of my beloved boyfriend ♥)

After this really depressiv article I want to give you a clue how to cheer Norchen up ♥
I even can’t imagine how Perfume can do this to me… but they make me so happy ;///;
This time I only watched their CMs… Ahh~ This was so fantastic *__*

And they are hosts of the VMAJ ♥ Ahhh ~ I want to see this!!! >.<

Summary of all CMs

„Communication“ ♥

„Hurley Burley“ ♥

And this is also amazing *_*

I will try hard to be happy ♥ 😉